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Our School

Kinshasa Christian School is a K-12 school that uses a Christian American education program. The school was started by two missionaries in 2013. In September of that year, when it opened it had officially only the grade K-2 with only 9 students, but 5 of these students were in higher grades. In September 2014, we officially opened the rest of the school.
Our alumni are doing very well in universities in the USA, Europe, China, and Africa. They make the Dean’s list regularly and are invited to join different honor programs on campus as well as nationally. The quality of education at KCS is proven internationally.

Our program

e teach the Christian perspective of science while presenting other train of thoughts, other theories and beliefs. We focus on the truthfulness of the Bible in which we base our effort of self-improvement.


The curricula we use ha been proven for many years and i ELL known internationally. The main curricula used are Abeka, Saxon, Apologia, Liberty Christian Publisher. Our quizzes and tests are standard meaning used by all who use the same curricula.


We offer a system that allows students to go at their own pace. Our track system allows students that are fast learners to go faster, get more challenging work, or take a higher grade class. From 6 grade we have 3 tracks, the Normal Track, Advanced Track, and the Honor Track.


Other than our rigorous academics, we provide a comprehensive learning experience that help each student be all that God purposed them to be. We have a strong practical music, performing art, and sport program. Additionally, we provide from time to time classes such as photography, drawing, sculpture, and others.

English as a Second Language: for students coming from a different program, our ESL program we allow them in two months to have a good command of the English language in a manner that they can attend normal classes.


VISION : To equip children to become passionate, independent, life-long learners ready to transform society with a biblical worldview.


• Create a school environment where children are encouraged to let their light shine for God’s glory.
• Instill in children’s a natural curiosity to discover the wonders established in God’s creation.
• Provide a solid American K-12 education that is internationally respected.
• Train the upcoming generations to become world influencers and leaders in all domains.
• Encourage children to not just acquire knowledge to perform well on tests but actually apply what is learned and be ready and willing to professionally communicate material to others.
• Develop in our students a life-long love of reading for pleasure and to acquire new understanding and knowledge.
• Keep the Bible as the center from which all other learning stems.

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